Båstad Chamber Music Festival

Båstad Chamber Music Festivals 2015

Foto: Johan Sundell

Foto: Johan Sundell

Dear music friends,

The time is nearing when, once again, we start up one of Sweden’s most popular and well frequented Chamber Music Festivals, as always when summer is at its best.  This year offers a sparkling, colourful programme, full of surprises.  The theme is:
The Carnival of the Animals
– the source of inspiration is, of course, clear to everyone – and is thus dedicated to our zoological friends; those  living creatures without whom we cannot live, with whom we share our beautiful earth.

A lot of composers have been fascinated by animals and have in various ways transformed the characters and manners of animals into musical expressions.  We often conceive the peculiarities of animals as mirroring our human characters and properties.  Many works this year are humorous and cheerful while others are pensive and touching.  Children will no doubt welcome the animal theme!  Two choice family concerts will embellish the festival and give pleasure to both children and grown-ups.  There is the ” Teddy bear concert” for the small children and their teddybears (!) with the guitar duo The Gothenburg Combo.  And there is, of course, ” The Carnival of the Animals” from the French composer Camille Saint-Saëns, here in a unique rendering with the well-known  Swedish TV personality, Claes Eriksson (from Galenskaparna – The Madcaps),  who will read his own texts, specially written for the festival and guaranteed entertaining!

The Composer in residence is Lisa Streich, one of our young Swedish composers whose music has reached the wide European public. We take pride in presenting female composers at the festival and also see it as our self-evident obligation to integrate contemporary music in the festival programme.

The rest of the programme is filled with very well known pieces of repertory – Franz Schubert’s Trout Quintet not excluded, of course. But also – as is our tradition – with many less known items from all epochs. Everything is presented by artists on the highest international level.

So, book the whole week already now, inviting friends, acquaintances, relatives to a big musical festivity in Båstad. And join the Båstad Chamber Music Society, thus giving us a hand in our effort to enrich music life in Sweden.


Karin Dornbusch, clarinetist and member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music
Artistic Director



-Unfortunately violinist Ulf Wallin has to cancel his participate because of illness. We are though very happy to announce that the fantastic swedish violinist Daniel Migdal could confirm his participation instead on a very short notice!

-15th of May:
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-The Dahlkvist Quartet, scheduled to appear this summer in the Båstad Chamber Music Festival, will be participating in Camilla Lundberg’s TV series ”Camilla’s Classics”, six programmes starting April 15 in in SVT2 (Swedish Television 2nd channel).

-Claes Eriksson (The Carnival of the Animals) can be seen currently on SVTPlay in the program me about the break-through of The Madcaps (”Galenskaparna”) in The Filling Station (”Macken”). This program me was sent on April 6 under the general title Swedish TV History (“Svenska tv-historier”).

-The following consorts, and interview-cum-music, by the following Swedish contemporary composers are made possible through a cooperation project between Swedish Music Festivals and the Society of :

Swedish Composers/STIM:

Inauguration ceremony: The Gothenburg Combo
Concert No. 3: Anna Eriksson and The Gothenburg Combo
Concert No. 4: Lisa Streich, Composer Profile of the Year
Concert No. 6: Stefan Pöntinen
Concert No. 7: Andrea Tarrodi
Concert No. 8: The Gothenburg Combo
Concert No.12: Lisa Streich
Concert No.13: Lisa Streich
Concert No.14: Kristin Boussard, first performance
Concert No.17: Lisa Streich, first performance
Concert No.18: The Gothenburg Combo
Concert No.22: Lisa Streich
Concert No.25: Rolf Martinsson
Concert No.26: Henrik Strindberg